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We also have in-house motion graphics and animation capabilities that allow us to provide concept-to-finish production services.


Alexx Thompson

director / editor / Writer/ d.p.

Alexx Thompson founder of Central Elements Productions is a Producer, Cinematographer, Writer/Director / public speaker and Photographer with a 15 year... View Reel >>>

  • Jonathon Machado

    director / editor / d.p.

    Manifesting inner, creative visions into its tangible, physical equivalent. Then capturing it all on film. This encapsulates the mentality behind Jonathan...  View Reel >>>

  • William Fort

    director / producer / innovator

    William Fort AKA Jamaal Fort is a leading edge expert in media, marketing and the mind. Combining his professional background in the visual arts and… View Reel >>>

  • Christophe Bryant


    Self-taught with a foundation in the world of fashion and marketing, Christophe has developed a style unique to his own. Hard lines, fast cuts, raw emotion...View Reel >>>

  • Projects

    The Shift Rising

    Ascend Creatives . Central Elements Productions . Meraki Media


    The Shift Rising

    Please enjoy the trailer while we  work on the official.

    Inside Out - Feature Film

    An Alexx Thompson Film

    For more information click to visit the  I.M.D.B page for Inside Out


    No matter what set of expectations you have set out for yourself, or for others...sometimes life has a way of paving its own path for us. A remarkable young art curator, Azra Yazmil, moves from Istanbul Turkey to Los Angeles to expand her influence in the gallery scene. She meets Trevor Dunmore, a talented but, as yet, unknown American painter. Their effect on each other is immediate, although widely differing cultural and social backgrounds keep them in a perpetual dance to communicate. We see their relationship develop and deepen with an intensity surprises them both; but we also discover what's been holding back Trevor's success is his secret struggle with heroin addiction… Azra, usually a model of caution, is unaware of his darker side, but is increasingly puzzled by what appears to be "two different Trevors". As their relationship progresses he desperately tries to keep his two worlds from colliding and destroying "the best thing that's ever happened to me", but she has begun to put the pieces together, his absences, evasiveness, broken promises, and wants answers… It's at this point, as if the world has decided to totally unload on her, that she finds she is pregnant. Unlike her contemporaries back home, Azra's life until now has been about art and business, she's had no time for thoughts of settling, starting a family; but she is also 30 and the pregnancy changes everything. Unfortunately the man she loves, the only man with whom she's allowed herself to be this vulnerable, is an addict… In one moment Azra's world is turned completely inside out… and decisions must be made.

    Inside Out is a feature length Indy film, produced by Central Elements Productions and Digital Communications.

    Directed by: Alexx Thompson

    While we work on our official  trailer please enjoy a few clips from our first couple days of filming.

    Haiti Harvest Moon

    Haiti Harvest Moon - Music

                                                                                                                          Produced by Central Elements Productions

    Shot and edited -Alexx Thompson

    The town was founded by "Compagnie de Saint-Domingue" in 1698 as the capital of the south eastern part of the French colony Saint-Domingue. The area now called Jacmel was Taíno territory of the Xaragua chiefdom ruled by cacique Bohechio. With the arrival of the French, and the later establishment of the town, the French renamed Yaquimel as Jacmel.

    City was developed to boost the sugar production and trade but soon it evolved as coffee trading centre. In 1896 it suffered in a major fire, which destroyed most buildings in the city. Soon after Jacmel was rebuilt, often using prefabricated cast-iron pillars and balconies shipped over from France.[4] Many ornate mansions of wealthy coffee merchants from this time have been preserved up to this day without much change and the whole central part of the city has little changed over the last 100 years.

    The mansions of Jacmel with their cast-iron furnishings would later come to influence the home structure of much of New Orleans. Today, many of these homes are now artisan shops that sell vibrant handicrafts, papier-mâché masks and carved-wood animal figures. In recent years, efforts have been made to revitalize the once flourishing cigar and coffee industries. The town is a popular tourist destination in Haiti due to its relative tranquility and distance from the political turmoil that plagues Port-au-Prince.

    Over the years, this rather small town experienced a number of noted historical events. Some of these occurrences are:
    War of Knives

    Toussaint Louverture fought over Jacmel in the so-called War of Knives between him and his fellow countryman André Rigaud, who wished to maintain authority over the city. This war began in June 1799. By November the rebels were pushed back to this strategic southern port, the defence of which was commanded by Alexandre Pétion. Jacmel fell to Toussaint's troops in February 1800, during which the American warship USS General Greene bombarded the city.[5] After which the rebellion was effectively over. Pétion and other mulatto leaders subsequently went into exile in France.
    Creation of the Venezuelan flag

    A Venezuelan predecessor of Simón Bolívar in the liberation struggle against colonialism in Venezuelan and much of Spanish-ruled South America, Francisco de Miranda, created the first Venezuelan flag near Jacmel. Anchored in the Bay of Jacmel (Baie de Jacmel), he first raised the flag on March 12, 1806, on the corvette Leander. This day is still celebrated as Venezuelan Flag Day. The flag created by De Miranda is often referred to as the "bandera madre" (mother flag) due to its role as inspiration and resemblance to the flags of Colombia and Ecuador.
    Ramón Emeterio Betances

    Puerto Rican pro-independence leader Ramón Emeterio Betances spent a short interval in Jacmel in 1870, from where he channelled support for an uprising in the Dominican Republic, seeking to install a liberal government there. Then-president of Haiti Nissage Saget supported Betances's ideals of a pan-Antillean union, and gave the uprising his support.
    Modern Jacmel prior to the 12 January 2010 earthquake

    The port town is internationally known for its very vibrant art scene and elegant townhouses dating from the 19th century. Among the wealth of art and crafts available in Jacmel are the papier-mâché, done by nearly 200 artisans and the reknow Atelier created by Moro Baruk. In recent years Jacmel has been host to a large film festival, the 'Festival Film Jakmèl', started in 2004, and in 2007 the international music festival 'Festival Mizik Jakmèl' was successfully launched. Its carnival, the nearby Bassins Bleus (Haiti's most famous natural deep water pools), and the scenic white sand (Timouillage, Cabic, Raymond-les-bains located in Cayes-Jacmel mostly) beaches attract many visitors. The town is regarded as one of the safest in the country and foreign visitors that enter the country in hope of a tranquil time often head for Jacmel. Its urbanization has been increasing in large part due to the income generated by tourism. Royal Caribbean, the leading tourism company whose cruise ships regularly dock at Labadee, plans to add stopovers at Jacmel. In February 2007, Edwin Zenny became the town's newly elected mayor. In addition, the Jacmel Film Festival is held there annually. On January 11, 2010, Choice Hotels announced they would open a 120-room Comfort Inn in Jacmel, the first chain hotel to be opened there in a decade.[6]
    2010 Haiti Earthquake
    Main article: 2010_Earthquake_in_Jacmel

    On 12 January 2010, Haiti experienced a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that caused heavy damage and casualties in Jacmel.[7] The first tremblor rocked the city at 4:40pm, but the later tremblor at 5:37pm stopped the cathedral's clock. A Jacmel radio station estimated that at least 5000 were dead from the quake itself, although mayor Zennie Edwin later reported that the figure was closer to 300-500 deaths and 4,000 injured. In the earthquake, around 70 per cent of the homes were damaged, with most of the heavier damage being suffered in the poorer neighbourhoods.[8] Town Hall was so severely damaged that, though it survived, it had to be demolished.[9] A small tsunami hit Jacmel Bay, with the ocean receding, leaving fish high and dry on the seabed, and rushing back in, four times.[10]

    In December 2010, the Capponi Construction Group, a Miami based construction company, decided to help with the revitalization of Jacmel.[11][12] This initiative was created to help stimulate a self-sustaining tourism economy for Haiti.[13] Michael Capponi, founder of the Capponi Group, formed the Jacmel Advisory Council, to help revitalize Jacmel, while preserving its arts, culture and traditions.[14] The board promotes best practices to provide a socio-economic system for thousands of Haitians living in the southeast region.[15] Capponi Group Haiti is also restoring a 200-year-old coffee sorting house at the port of Jacmel.[16] The project hopes to re-establish the historical relevance of Jacmel as a commercial and tourist center.[17]

    Chuckii Booker

    Produced by Central Elements Productions

    Producer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and bandleader. Chuckii Booker shares one of his methods for writing songs, and Producing..

    Shot, Edited and Produced by Alexx Thompson

                                                                                                                   Videos featuring Chuckii Booker


    Brombones - Music Video

                                                                                                                                        Produced by Central Elements Productions

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