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Alexx Thompson

Writer Director Producer

Alexx Thompson founder of Central Elements Productions is a Producer, Writer/Director / public speaker and Photographer with a 15 year professional career in the Art department as a Union Motion Picture Decorative Painter. Alexx grew up in San Diego, heavily influenced by “painters and poets” since adolescence, he began expressing himself through poetry at age 17; writing socio-political humanist pieces that went on to be published in several books. By the mid 1990s, with a desire to be a part of the story telling process of filmmaking in any capacity he could He moved back to Los Angeles. And through a friend discovered the craft of Motion Picture Set Painting Diaries and the Hollywood movie industry.

With its discipline and attention to detail, this career turned out to be the perfect introduction, not only to the craft of scenic art, production design and art direction but the power of visual arts. With a desire to have a more central role in the filmmaking process It was around this time that he picked up a camera and started shooting “anything and everything” A natural at composition and capturing the moment, he began receiving positive feedback for his stills, especially his portraiture.

Continuing this new found passion In early 2000 during free time and notably [pre Myspace] Alexx founded the online art collective Central Elements, using a now iconic portrait of his brother and himself dressed as part of the rock group kiss as kids as its logo, he gathered an eclectic and international group of artists, musicians, poets and filmmakers together under this banner offering them a platform online to share their work with the world. After a twelve-year run he decided to focus more intently his time on collaborations in the world of video and has transformed the art collective into what is now Central Elements Productions.

The Central Elements Art Collective logo itself is still enjoying its own wide popularity appearing repeatedly in episodes of Greys Anatomy, featured on LA Ink, in the underground Street Art scene around the world as well as being featured in an amazing book called Stickers- from punk rock to contemporary art. Witnessing how far a single photograph can make its way into so many areas of life around the world only bolstered his passion for photography, video and connection.

In 2002 His interest gradually led him to shooting and editing a friend’s music video that, although rudimentary and shot on a basic camcorder, was well received. He was inspired by the feedback to continue studying filming and cinematography; and began shooting time lapse videos of some of the behind the scenes work he was doing in the art department in Hollywood. With a dream of one day directing his own features.

After leading a two-day workshop in Istanbul, Turkey in 20017 on the role of the Art Department in film Alexx was then approached by The Institute of Visual Arts (I.A.V.Q), a college in Quito Ecuador and invited to do a presentation at the Ministerio De Cultura De Ecuador, where he found himself lecturing to a packed hall of aspiring young film students about his career as a motion picture set painter, the role of the art department in film and creativity in low budget filmmaking. Though no previous background in public speaking he found himself enjoying immensely sharing what he has learned and inspiring the youth to seek out their full potential in areas of creativity and expression.

After directing a few more music videos, in 2013 under Central Elements Productions Alexx co produced, co wrote, directed and shot his first feature length film with an International cast called “The Silent Princess” currently in post production due for release in mid 2016. An enthusiastic traveler, Alexx enjoys setting off for distant lands capturing imagery and connecting with locals, life, and landscapes, and sells his prints through his website Alexx Thompson Imagery.

    DIirector / Editor reel – Alexx Thompson

    The Silent Princess

    Love Betrayal Addiction

    A short film Directed by Alexx Thompson

    The Silent Princess

    Azra Aydin is finally pursuing her lifelong dream. Having spent the last four years in Istanbul developing her skills as a curator, she is now ready to embark on a journey that will introduce her into the global art scene. The only reservation that she acknowledges is that she must leave what remains of her family In Turkey behind. It is her mother Feriha that she will miss the most, but it was also Feriha who insisted that she follow her heart and find her dream.

    Fortunately for Azra she will not entirely be a stranger in a strange land. Christina, a friend from her college days has offered her a place in her Los Angeles home. Christina’s intentions are not completely altruistic, for she is getting married soon and Azra will serve as her maid of honor. The future looks incredibly bright and as Azra arrives in Los Angeles she is certain that all of her dreams and ambitions will be fulfilled as she establishes herself in her new position. She is now in an art world inhabited by the w orks of luminaries like David Hockney, Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat and a lesser known yet equally talented young artist named Trevor Dunmore.


    Brombones – Directed by Alexx Thompson

    Brombones – Directed by Alexx Thompson Edit Christophe Bryant

    Brombones’ re-imagining of Richard and Linda Thompson’s song ‘The Sun Never Shines on the Poor’ began in the summer of 2011 when Elias Crabtree played it on acoustic guitar for his brother Jeremy Crabtree at Jeremy’s apartment in Hollywood, CA. They immediately formed a relationship with its subtle rhythmic quality’s and underdog lyrics and wanted to energize it for their current Hollywood environment of dichotomy and spectacle.

    Brombones explain the story-line of ‘The Sun Never Shines on the Poor’: “The video tells the tale of two opposite personalities who find redemption through a violently harrowing, yet profoundly eye-opening experience of uncontrolled lust and manipulative control. It suggests music as a major healer and unifier by breaking down barriers. In 2013 this song is as vibrant as ever and Mr. Thompson  delivers the necessary perspective to shine light on our possibly lost generation.” 


    Poolside – Music Video

    Haiti Harvest Moon – Directed & shot -Alexx Thompson 

    A music video was once defined as a commercial videotape featuring a performance of a popular song, often through a stylized dramatization by the performers with lip synching and special effects. Today it is so much more and the commercial success or failure of many pops songs depend heavily on the video produced to represent the song visually, Alexx has just finished shooting an unofficial music video for the band Poolside, performing a cover of Neil Young’s hit song Harvest Moon. To shoot the video, Alexx went down to Haiti……..Click to see the full  Haiti Harvest Moon  Project

    Chuckii Booker Sessions #1

    Producer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and bandleader. Chuckii Booker shares one of his methods for writing songs, and Producing..

    Booker emerged in the late 1980s as a prominent urban contemporary R&B artist and producer. He began recording music after being signed by his late godfather Barry White to his production company in 1984. Later, he played keyboards with a band called Tease for three years.

    Booker, known throughout the industry as a keyboard player, is considered by his music peers to be a bass player.

    Chuckii signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records and issued his debut album Chuckii in 1989 in which he played all the instruments and sang all vocals. The album fared well on the strength of hit singles “(Don’t U Know) I Love U” and the #1 R&B single “Turned Away”. The follow-up final album Niice ‘N Wiild was released in 1992 and yielded another chart-topping R&B hit “Games”. Chuckii also wrote, performed and produced the single “Crypt Jam” from the CD soundtrack Tales from the Crypt. Booker also made a cameo in the movie House Party 3 as a piano player in the hotel lobby scenes which starred Kid N’ Play, Bernie Mac & Chris Tucker…..
    Click to see Full Chuckii Booker Project

    Pul Music Video

    Croix De Bouquets

    Haitian Metal Artisians

    Alexx traveled to Haiti with the organization Lets go to Haiti as a one man crew to shoot and edit this video exploring the world of the metal artisians of
    Croix-des-Bouquets (Kwadèbouke).

    Croix-des-Bouquets is a northern suburb in the Port-Au-Prince metropolitan area. Haiti is world famous for its exuberant art, richly influenced by nature, history and religion, both Christian and Vodou (voodoo). The entire village of Croix des Bouquets is a good example of Haitian creativity – it resonates with the sounds of clanging and banging of the mallets and chisels in the process of transforming raw metal into stunning, and often haunting, iron sculptures.